Hey Folks, Its time again for Winter Pantry Packs! They will be available for pick-up from the market or home delivery starting October 24, 2015. Check out the details below. Send along any questions you have!! Check out my products page for details on each product.


Sourdough and other Tasty Delights are back at the Brewery Market!!

IMG_7257Hey Everybody! I’ve been out west cooking food for tree planters but now I’m (happily) back in the Maritimes and straight back into catering, canning and selling all the things you need to have a great week Saturdays at the Historic Farmers’ Market in Halifax (7 am until 1 pm).



Hello,  Fall is here. Time to put food by for the winter months when hearty local food feels so good! I’m selling packages of Stewed Tomatoes, Dilly Beans and Peaches stewed in Honey, with option to add jams made with organic sugar and hot sauce! Sign up happens just by sending an email to !IMG_4849


New Bread Delivery Season: November 2013!

bike deliveries!

Hey! I’m doing again it! Bike deliveries. Starting soon. Click here to learn more! Check out my products page to see the kinds of things you can have drop at your door step each Wednesday from the end of November until the middle of February!

Everyday, progress.


Today, floor.


Building a Bakery of My Own!

Some of you may know, since I have been talking about it for years, that I am building my own bakery. Its been years of dreaming followed by years of scheming. All the bakery balls are up in the air at this point, and near ready to settle! The loans are borrowed, the permits granted, the brilliant crafts people, designers and engineers hired and most importantly, the stone-made wood-fired oven, complete! Here are a few moments of the process that have been documented so far… Renovations are under way. Stay tuned for updates as the finishing touches go in and the bread loaves come out!

New Home Delivery Season Starting in January

  Mmmm… home delivered sourdough, soups and cheeses in the winter months! I will be taking to the streets again come mid-January to bring the warmth of fresh bread, hot soups, creamy maritime artisan cheeses, treasures from my pantry and sweets to homes on the Halifax peninsula.

Each Tuesday evening I will be baking and each Wednesday heading out with my loaded saddle bags. This will be my 4th January of bike delivery and I am not afraid of winter yet.

Consider giving the gift of home delivered bread this Christmas.

Check out my Bread Subscription page for more details.

Happy Holidays (from Jess the baker)


moments of bike delivery: november 28, 2012

A lady statue at the CBC building.

science stuff in a lab I deliver to.

Aren’t ships romantic?

I love flowers.

Merry Christmas!

Look how spacious my new saddle bags are!

Sexy bread bin!

puppy at the EAC! no cats to be seen last Wednesday anywhere.

Except for in kid art form.

Telephone pole and bike.

wild blueberry pie!

Rail bridge!

moments of bike delivery: November 22, 2012


Welcome to my new website. Look around and you will find important info about gold island bakery products, who makes them (Jessica Ross, the baker), how to get them and other cool things about bread in the world. p:1-902-448-2768