Bread Subscriptions

DELIVERIES ARE INDEFINITELY ON HOLD. Please come see me at the Historic Brewery Market or email me with a special delivery!! I’d love to get my bread and products in to your life if I can.

In the Past I’ve got on my bike and somewhat painstakingly (through winter) delivered bread and all kinds of goods to homes around the peninsula. I’m getting older and soft now, so I prefer to wholesale and direct-market my goods. If you are curious how the service worked, read on…

What it is: The subscription is a C.S.A. Style Membership, meaning that each member commits and pre-pays for a bread delivery each week for a two-month stretch. I also deliver other things: Maritime Artisan Cheeses, Preserves, Sweets, Soup. I ride around on my bike, bringing these items to your home or office on Wednesday afternoon. Each member buys the minimum of a $100 membership option which gets them one loaf of bread a week plus a $45 credit to spend on extras (like soup, cheese, jam, pickles).

How it works: 1) You select a membership category that satisfies you- i.e. one loaf every week or cheese plus bread every week or bread and soup every week, etc. The full list of options is posted below! 2) Then sign-up below 3) and on the first day of delivery (November 27), or earlier, you pay me by cheque, e-transfer or cash.

Register for the next session of deliveries

I will contact you to arrange payment. p:1-902-448-2768