GOLD ($USD/OZ) $1946.67 -16.51
GOLD ($CAD/OZ) $2601.85 -28.65

Hodge MT, Hampden, Wild Bight

These properties are accessible by highway and/or forestry roads. Each was staked on the basis of historic government sampling surveys which returned gold +/- arsenic +/- copper values above background. Each has proximal first and second order structures and/or rock units of contrasting strength which when subjected to crustal movement create space for gold bearing hydrothermal fluids to migrate upwards and precipitate. In 2021 lidar and orthophoto surveys will be undertaken on each area. Lidar produces a digital terrain image which allows more detailed definition of structures while the orthophoto imagery can be used to assist interpretation of soil sampling results. First pass discriminatory soil sampling will be conducted on these three claim blocks in early 2022.

Hodge MT
Wild Bight