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Notre Dame - Ming's Bight

These contiguous claim blocks on the north coast of Newfoundland are the Company’s highest ranked areas.  They straddle the Baie Verte Flexure, a zone of dilation an extension of the Baie Verte Line, a regional scale gold bearing suture fault. Historic soil lake and stream sediment sampling confirms the area’s prospectivity. The Burton claims in Notre Dame were prospected and  explored prior to 2015 defining three separate gold showings.   Some 20 grab samples returned assays from +0.5 G/t Au to 9.8 g/t Au. One channel sample returned 56 g/t Au over 2 m. Limited shallow core drilling in 2014 returned 0.68 g/t Au over 28.8 m & 0.56 g/t Au over 15.5m.   Subject to further ongoing work by the Company these prospects represent near term, drill ready targets

The Ming’s Bight claims straddle regional first and second order structures and lies 20 km north of the Nugget Pond gold mine, owned by Rambler Metals & Mining Plc (LON: RMM) that has processed over 1.5M tonnes of ore. The area was previously explored by Noranda Inc. in the 1980’s for base metals.  Their sampling returned tantalising gold indications (+30 documented gold showings) which confirms the area warrants detailed investigation.  The lack of recent gold exploration hereabouts is due to access being more difficult than in many other parts of Newfoundland

Thus Notre Dame is Gold Island’s flagship property while Ming’s Bight has a high probability of producing several targets for immediate follow up.

Notre Dame - Ming's Bight
Ming's Bight
Notre Dame
Notre Dame - Burton Showing