GOLD ($USD/OZ) $1942.69 -20.49
GOLD ($CAD/OZ) $2596.10 -34.40



Our goal is to avoid or minimize the environmental effects of our exploration activity. By being constantly aware of our operating footprint, striving to achieve current best practices and complying with Government guidelines and regulations, we work to mitigate the impacts of our operations on the natural environment of Newfoundland.


Gold Island Inc. will ensure engagement takes place to build trusting and transparent relationships with local communities. Respectful dialogue with all stakeholders and listening to feedback will create positive relationships with those persons and communities impacted by our exploration work. A measure of our success in this area will be when we are welcome participants in Newfoundland’s development.

Gold Island also activate engages in the sponsorship and support of local organizations. The Company currently sponsors the Central Thunder, a minor U18 AAA hockey team in Newfoundland.


Gold Island Inc. board of directors shall conduct business transparently, ethically and with strong corporate governance. As our organization develops, policies governing and supporting our ESG practices will evolve and address our ongoing gold exploration work. Strong corporate governance supports Gold Island’s long-term success, protecting our stakeholders’ interest and maximizing shareholder value.

The Company will ensure compliance with National Instrument 58-101 Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices which establishes corporate governance requirements applicable to all public companies.

Health and Safety

Gold Island is committed to providing healthy and safe working conditions above all other priorities for all employees and contractors. Our goal is to eliminate or minimize all workplace exposures which may present a health and safety risks to the Company’s personnel.

Health and safety is the responsibility of all team members and is a collaborative effort. As part of our commitment to health and safety, all workplaces will be free from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and the misuse of other substances. Implemented risk controls, training, and leadership will ensure a culture of safe work at all sites at all times